Painting Kitchen Counter Tops

Painting Kitchen Counter Tops

Kitchen is the most used room in a home where usually used as the center space for member family to gather to prepare meals and cooking. Improving the function and the look of your kitchen will be a must task to make you more comfortable to spend there. If you don’t want to held total remodeling project to your kitchen, you may prefer to bring something new and different look to your counter top. As counter top are as a dominant furniture in the kitchen.

If you don’t have enough budget to purchase a new counter top, you can consider painting kitchen counter top to update the look  and give your old kitchen a brand new look without burning your cash. Although painting the counter tops will not last as long as installing a new counter top material like wood or laminate, but it can last for many years if it is maintained well. you will have a lot of option of paint color that you can choose from. You should consider several factor before your decide your choice. They include the design of your kitchen, your  kitchen floor,  the wall color and other furniture in the kitchen.

If you want to create a dramatic look in your kitchen, you can go with bold color such as green, red, yellow or orange. They will make your kitchen look warmer and welcome. You can mix those color with white or bright blue to create something contrast. If you desire to make your counter tops look more high end, you can create a stone look using paint coat. You can create a marble  and granite look  by using stone painting technique.  you can also buy special counter top paint that formulated to create a stone look. To make your counter top have  more convincing finishing, you can apply these stone look to your counter tops that have rounded edges to look similar with cut stone. by painting kitchen your counter top, you have transformed the old on basic counter top become brand new again.


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