Friday, August 05, 2016

How to Make Curtains without Sewing

The DIY projects always become one creation that can extremely reduce the budgets, but of course it will results so many efforts to realize. There are a lot of things that can be DIY project on home decoration. Most of them are something that is expensive. Sometimes, DIY means to use something unused become used, or to apply something simpler than its actual ways. The way how to make curtains without sewing is one of the steps to beautify your home without any complicated and expensive steps. When you make the curtain without sewing, you will save more time because there you will not need to sew like what happened in the most of the ordinary curtain. Firstly, you have to measure the place where you want to put the curtain. You need to measure the height and the width of the window. Each window will have different measurement, so ensure you give attention for each corner of the windows. The size of the curtain must not as the same as the window size.

Make Curtains without Sewing

You may create the exact size for the width, but for the height, you will need to provide more, so the curtain will lie close to the floor. The distance from the floor can be five or ten centimeters. It is according to your flavor, the closest the curtain, the more elegant sense you will get. After you measure it, you can save your record and apply it later for the fabrics. The selection of the fabrics can be the most important part of the way how to make curtains without sewing. You need to choose curtain fabrics that have an attractive design. The color and the motifs should be match with your willing and the home color schemes. Then, bring home them all and you will create the no sewing part. Fold 3 centimeters of the fabric and iron a small seam on the each side of the fabric panel, and then insert the stitch witchery. After it holds the whole panel, hang it up and you did the no sewing curtains.